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Base & Carrier Oils For Soap
(castor, coconut 76, coconut 92, Mission Peak Blend, EV Olive, Palm, and the famous SoapQuick).

Oil Type, Size & Weight Brief Description

Castor Oil



Castor Oil is chemically dissimilar to all other soapmaking oils, and imparts unique qualities to soap lather. 5% Castor Oil in a soap recipe results in  much creamier lather than would otherwise result. If you are using a low-coconut-oil  recipe, Castor Oil can help bring back some lather to your bars. Castor oil is saponified with the other oils used in your soap recipe and is not added at "trace."

Castor Oil

$29.25 for 1 Gallon

Castor Oil

$106.25 for 5 Gallons

We also have castor oil available in  440 LB drums for local pick-up. Call for current price. We do not ship drums.

Coconut Oil - 76 Degree
Comes in a Bucket or Drum

five_gallon_pail.jpg (7434 bytes)

Standard 76 degree, RBD, ("refined, bleached and deodorized"), food-quality coconut oil. This is plain coconut oil. Commonly used in the confectionery and infant formula industries. Works fine in soap as well. Recommended SAP Value (Sodium Hydroxide) = .178.

Note that we do not pass through the shipping premium (sometimes $10.00!)  for 5 gallon products charged by carriers. You pay for shipping by weight only.

 1 Gallon Pail.

$24.95 - 7.5 LBS in 1 gallon pail

5 Gallon Pail.

$74.00 - 35 LBS in a 5 Gallon Pail

76 Coconut in Drums:
We stock 76 coconut in drums. Call for Current Bargain Price. Pick-Up Only.


Coconut Oil - 92 Degree
Comes in a Box


Less expensive than 76 Coconut and works just great in soap. 92 Degree Coconut oil is 76 Degree coconut oil, part of which has been fully hydrogenated to raise it's melting point. Works just the same as 76 degree in soap, save for the fact that theoretically it should produce a slightly harder bar of soap.  Recommended SAP Value (Sodium Hydroxide) = .182. We don't ship this oil long distances during the warm weather months - so stock up while it's still cool. This oil has a very long (18 months in a cool location) shelf life.

Can't ship in hot weather. Local pick-up only during summer months.

92 Degree Coconut

$79.00 - 50 LBS in a Box
(only this size available)


There is a discount of $10 per box off the price shown above on orders of 10 or more boxes of this product. The discount is applied manually, after we have received your order, and will be credited back to your credit card.
whole lot easier to use than coconut in drums!

Olive Oil
"Earth Mother"

five_gallon_pail.jpg (7434 bytes)



Whew! We've reached far into the hinterlands and beyond to bring you this absolutely unequalled, whole, extra virgin olive oil.  Rich in the natural stearines and  waxes found in hand pressed olive oils a generation ago, this oil has not been refined or winterized.  This oil may have a murky appearance, especially in cold weather, and comes complete with a little sediment in the bottom of each pail. Very strongly colored.  Intense. The Vincent Van Gogh of olive oils. (if you use more than just a little of this oil in soap - you'll never get a white bar, but rather a very greenish-yellow bar that is difficult to color).

Earth Mother Olive Oil

$153.00 for 35 LBS in a
5 gallon pail


World's Best
Olive Oil
Substitute For Soap

Our Favorite Liquid Oil for Soapmaking

Works Just Like Olive In Soap. Long Shelf Life.

Olive & Safflower Blend
"Mission Peak Blend"

10% Extra Virgin Olive
90% Non-GMO High Oleic, Expeller Safflower

If you knew more about how Pomace Olive is made, you'd be switching to this oil!

In the old days, there was always a surplus of some over-the-hill olive oil around, stuff too nasty to be eaten, but just fine for lamp oil. When someone hatched the idea to try a bit in soap - it sounded great: finally! a place to get rid of the stuff! But how times have changed. Nowadays, every drop of olive is coveted, and thru a miracle of technology, producers now purge the yucky smell and taste from even the most rancid of oils. This purified oil is then artfully blended back into a little of the good stuff for table use. And it isn't cheap.

Combine this story with the fact that over the last 20 years many new seed crops have been discovered and developed to yield high-oleic oils which, save for taste and color, are very similar to olive, and you're standing on a wooden leg if you believe you still must have olive to make a nice bar of soap.

Our Olive Oil Blend has a fatty acid profile nearly identical to olive and works absolutely great in soap. Here we offer a blend of 90% High Oleic Expeller Safflower and 10% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (so you can still say that your soap contains some olive oil...) made especially for soapmaking. SAP Value     (NaOH) = .134. Great Price!

Mission Peak Blend: $82.00 for 35 LBS

Palm Oil -
In a 50 LB box
and in Pails

50 LB. Cube in a box.

Note: Box doesn't ship well in hot weather


Sustainable Palm:
If you need a certified sustainable palm oil - see our Planet Friendly version.


More Info. On Palm:
A couple of good articles on palm oil production by Cargill® in Borneo and Indoensia.

five_gallon_pail.jpg (7434 bytes)

This palm-in-a-box  is great  for soap. Homogenous from top to bottom. No heating and stirring needed. This is the same oil as "standard" palm oil , except It has been mixed while cooling (called "votated" in the oil trade) to eliminate separation in the final packaging. Easy to use (and a great substitute for regular "shortening"  if you like to bake). Recommended SAP Value  (Sodium Hydroxide) = .144

 Local pick-up only during hot summer months.

Votated Palm Oil
(can't ship in hot weather. Order Palm in pail shown below in hot weather)

$65.22 for 50 LBS


There is a discount of $10 per box off the price shown above on orders of 10 or more boxes of this product. The discount is applied manually, after we have received your order, and will be credited back to your credit card.

A whole lot easier to use than palm in drums!

Palm Oil in Pails
To facilitate hot weather shipments of palm oil, we pack homogenized palm in pails. However, depending on the amount of heat the pail incurs during shipping - it may suffer separation on the way to your doorstep, in which case you are no worse off had you ordered non-homogenized palm.

Palm Oil
Homogenized when shipped

$24.95 for 7  LBS
in a one gallon pail

Palm Oil
Homogenized When Shipped
35 LB Pail

$71.95 for 35  LBS



Palm Kernel Oil

Looks like small, white potato chips

Date vs Date Pit

Don't confuse this oil with plain palm oil. Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil are two entirely different oils. Palm Oil comes from palm fruit (the date). Palm Kernel Oil comes from the kernel (the date pit).




Palm Kernel Oil is a substitute for coconut oil. Both coconut and palm kernel oils are high in lauric and myristic acid - the components of an oil that create lather and aid cleansing.  This oil is "flaked" to save you the effort of having to chip it apart to measure. Very easy to use. Recommended SAP Value  (Sodium Hydroxide) = .178



There is a discount of $10 per box off the price shown above on orders of 10 or more boxes of this product. The discount is applied manually, after we have received your order, and will be credited back to your credit card.

Palm Kernel FLAKES



Safflower Oil
all-natural / No GMO

five_gallon_pail.jpg (7434 bytes)

Works Great In Soap!

A version of safflower oil developed through selective plant breeding to have a high level of Oleic acid. This oil has a very long shelf life and works just like Olive Oil in soap. The Oleic Acid content of this oil is typically around 75. A very light-colored oil, low-odor oil. SAP Value (NaoH) = .136

High-Oleic Safflower

$80.00 for 35 LBS

"David--we're gearing up for the holidays (already!!!) and it's time for more wonderful soap blend!"
- The Soapchix in August of '06




High Oleic
Sunflower Oil
all-natural / No GMO
Organic Source

five_gallon_pail.jpg (7434 bytes)

Works Great In Soap



    Our Favorite for Soap!

This oil typically contains over 80% Oleic Acid - much more than olive oil. Work absolutely great in soap. Very long shelf life. NaOH SAP Value: .136

Planet Friendly
 Sunflower Oil
(High Oleic - appx. 85% oleic acid)

$23.50 for 1 Gallon

Planet Friendly
Sunflower Oil
(High Oleic - appx. 85% Oleic Acid)

$89.50 for 35 LBS






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