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Frequently Asked Questions

What goes in your soap?

We make cold-process soap  with food grade oils and a  solution of rainwater (when available) and lye. The oils are obtained directly from local refiners. We are fortunate to be located near the largest importer and refiner of coconut and palm oils on the West Coast. Many of our fragrances are essential-oil only. Some fragrances are manmade and obtained from various wholesalers of cosmetic grade fragrance oils manufactured for lotions and soap.

You must have a huge factory....

We had to move out of our original Barn location a couple of years ago when we simply ran out of space. We currently inhabit a 1930's era, former hardware store in the quaint Niles District of Fremont CA. Call and make sure we are here when you drop by. We sometimes work odd hours. Our street address is 37266 Niles Blvd., Fremont CA 94536.

Do you ever teach soap-making classes?

David taught for many years at the Nova Studio, but we do not teach classes at our location. For more information please visit  the Nova Studio.

Is there really a "Mission Peak" or is that just some name you made up?

There really is a Mission Peak near us here in Fremont, which you can visit (and visit the mission if you are ever in Fremont).

I'm worried about entering my credit card info on new websites. How Secure is your  eStore?

We have gone to great lengths to see that orders placed through our website are handled in a secure and professional manner in conjunction with a reputable financial institution. You can order from us with confidence. We have structured our eStore in such a way that your personal credit information is transmitted directly to our bank (Wells Fargo) on a secure VeriSign server. Mission Peak Soap does not maintain on either its own premises, or on its own server, any of your personal credit information. Wells Fargo has been a leading bank for over 150 years.

Can I buy your soap in stores?

Probably not. Most of the soap we make is "private label" soap for specialty retailers. We don't sell much under our own label through regular retail channels.

What's the best way to contact Mission Peak Soap?

The best way to contact Mission Peak Soap is by e-mail, but here is our address and full contact information.

We look forward to serving you.

David Critchfield
Owner, Mission Peak Soap


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