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Private Label Artisan Soap 

"I love the soap! Another great batch!" - a Napa Valley Wholesale Customer

"Your soap is very popular in our store. As you no doubt realize, we are selling more and more as time goes by...." - SF Bay Area Wholesale Customer.

Mission Peak Soap specializes in the production of unwrapped, custom, handcrafted, private label bar soap and soap logs for specialty retailers, with an order minimum as low as $250.00 per fragrance. We make everything, yes EVERYTHING, from scratch using the "cold process" method. All soap is made to order. Turn-around time is typically 5 weeks from order to shipment.

We Offer

  • The highest quality soap

  • Competitive pricing

  • A guaranteed product covered by product liability insurance.

  • Any and all cold process soap formulations

  • Conventional or Organic Oils available

  • Quick Turn-Around time

  • Capability to  produce 100 pieces to 10,000 pieces

  • Beautiful Edge Beveling

  • Wrapping Available

  • Soap Boxes Available

What You Won't Find at Mission Peak Soap:

Pre-made or re-melted anything. We make everything from scratch. We make nearly all of our soap fresh per customer order. Except around the holidays, we maintain very little in the way of inventory of finished bars for wholesale. So, if you are looking for a place where you can pick through existing stock to fill your needs, that's not us. But please comeback when you have an idea about what you need and require some fresh custom soap!

Minimum Batch Size

Our minimum custom batch size weighs about 40 LBS, which yields your choice of either:

(1) 14 (fourteen) Soap Logs weighing approximately 2.7 LBS each, measuring approximately 2" x 3" x 11", or....
(2) 100 wire-cut bars weighing approximately 5.0 ounces each, measuring 2.125" x 3" x 1.5" thick. Some bars may show mold marks, or....
(3) 150 wire-cut bars weighing approximately 3.5 ounces each measuring 2.125" x 3" x 1" thick. Some bars may show mold marks.

Other bar sizes are available by request.

Fragrances Available

Over the years (I'm feeling old all of a sudden...) we've made everything from peanut butter & jelly soap, to Plumeria to Victoria Secret's "Heavenly,"  with about 5 tons of lavender, peppermint and patchouli in between. Need a chocolate soap? No problem... how about "Chocolate Mint?" Or how about an all-natural holiday soap with hints of orange, clove and cinnamon? We make it every year. Not sure what you need? Give us a call!

Pricing Per Batch - Unwrapped

Pricing depends on quantity, ingredients, bar size, trimming and wrapping (if required)   to your particular needs. Call or email us for a quote on your particular needs.

Trial Batches

If requested, we make small, 18-bar trial batches of soap using new, untested fragrance, color and essential oil combinations. Cost is around $100 + the delivered cost of fragrance and additives.

Specialty Soap Success Stories

  • Custom Castile Soap For A  Specialty Olive Oil Manufacturer

  • Custom Soap Logs For Bath & Body Shops

  • Chocolate Soap For A Chocolate Retailer

  • Lavender soap for a Lavender Farm gift shop

  • Custom Soap For School Fundraisers

  • Custom Blended Soap For Theme Gift Baskets

  • Soap with Beeswax for Bee Clubs

We also sometimes maintain a limited inventory of fragrances made from our standard vegetable oil soap base. Subject to availability on hand, these bars are also available on wholesale terms (minimum order 100 pieces). However, quantities and fragrances vary over time.

Have A Need For Some Great Soap?

We'd love to hear from you.

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