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Citric Acid
Fine Granular


This Citric Acid is in a fine, granular form and most commonly used by handcrafted toiletry makers in the creation of "bath bombs" and "bath fizzies." Also useful to adjust PH in lotions and creams, and as a chelating agent in soaps. Most bath bombs are about 2 parts baking soda to 1 part citric acid, coloring and essential oils to taste, and held together with a tiny bit of spritzed witch hazel. For a bath fizzy, forget the witch hazel and just put the mixture in a bag, adding a few tablespoons to bath water.

Citric Acid

$4.00 for 1 LB

Citric Acid

$24.75 for 9 LBS

Citric Acid

$82.5 for 40 LBS

Usage note: This citric acid does not have any type of additive or flowing-agent in it. As a result, it clumps easily on exposure to small amounts of moisture and humid air. This also means that the material you will receive from us will have clumps in it. You can easily break-up these clumps by placing them in a good zip-lock bag and crushing them with your hand.


Coconut Oil

Fractionated coconut is composed of just the medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil. These parts are quick-absorbing, non-greasy, fully saturated oils with a long shelf life - ideal for lotions and creams. This variety of coconut is of no use in soapmaking as the parts that contribute to lather and cleansing are missing. Much better in lotions and creams than grapeseed or almond oils.

Coconut Oil - Fractionated

One Gallon: $54.50

Coconut Oil - Fractionated

5 Gallons: $Out of Stock




Emulsifying Wax (NF)
Vegetable Derived

An essential lotion-making ingredient that provides a stable emulsion in lotions and creams. Easy to use. Usage is typically around 4% for lotions, and 5% or 6% for creams. This product is a hard, white, waxy material that comes in a dry granular form.

Emulsifying Wax NF (Vegetable)

$8.25 for 1 LB

Emulsifying Wax NF (Vegetable)

$28 for 4 LBS

Emulsifying Wax NF (Vegetable)

$124.65 for 20 LBS


Rosemary Oleoresin
1% Carnosic Acid
Lab Tested & Certified

Picture Coming Soon

Here's a great article on the usage of ROE in soap by a speaker at the HSMG annual meeting.

Usage for 1% Carnosic Acid ROE: In soap, use 1 gram of ROE per kilogram (".001" or ".1 of 1%") of oils used. Add the ROE to the oils prior to mixing with the lye & water solution. ROE will initially turn the soap stock a tan-brown color, but fades to a cream color by trace.

To extend the shelf life of oils, add 1 gram per kilogram of oil. Mix well and keep in a closed container. Especially useful with grapeseed, almond, hempseed, flax seed and  "linoleic" versions of nut and seed oils.

In lotions and creams, use 1 gram per kilogram (".001") of the total recipe, mixed into the warm oil portion of your formula prior to emulsification.





w/ Less Particulate, Odor
and Sediment

1% Carnosic Acid Strength. This is the traditional strength used in soap, lotions, creams, and oils.
8 fluid ounces, 1% Carnosic Acid ROE:
128 fluid ounces
(one gallon) 1% Carnosic Acid ROE- $70.80



tearic Acid

Triple Pressed / Vegetable

If you take palm oil, and remove the lighter component oils that serve to make it soft, you have what is known as "Palm Stearic Acid" a very hard, white, waxy oil that comes in flake form. If you have a lotion or cream formulation that could benefit from additional viscosity, this product is ideal. In fact, you can often make a fine, thick, emollient cream from a lotion recipe by simply substituting a portion (about 4% maybe) of the "light" oils with stearic acid. The only downside to stearic acid is that it can result is a greasy cream if used to excess. This is an eco-friendly product, derived from palm oil, and does not contain any other chemicals or additives. Also used in soaps for additional bar hardness and as a trace accelerant.

Stearic Acid

$3.95 - 1 LBS

Stearic Acid

$15.50 - 5 LBS

Stearic Acid

$61.20 - 25 LBS



Picture Coming Soon.

USP Grade
Dry powder

Sorbitol is a modified sugar, often used in mints, candies, gum, laxatives, low-calorie sweets, as well as a variety of industrial applications. For soapmakers - it's a necessary ingredient if you are making your own melt & pour soap base, or your own transparent soaps. You can make your own 70% Sorbitol solution by using this material and distilled water.


$7.95 - 1 LBS


$25.00- 5 LBS


$100.00 - 25 LBS



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