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The Making Of Rocky Road Soap
Double Batch Demonstration w/ F&D Soap Mold
& Cutter Box

This set of pictures illustrates using the F&D Mold & Cutter system to make a double batch of yummy chocolate Rocky Road soap. It uses our standard SoapQuick preblended soapmaking oil mixture. You can of course use your own oil mix as well.

8 LBS SoapQuick
18.9 ounces lye
38 ounces distilled water
2 tsp brown oxide soap colorant
1 cup "regular" rolled oats (not instant)
1 TBS dried ground allspice from supermarket
7 oz chocolate fragrance oil (our favorite is found at www.sweetcakes.com )

Combine SoapQuick and the lye and water solution at 140 degrees. Mix. Add 2 tsp of brown oxide mixed with a little water. Stir. Use stick blender and bring mix to trace. Stir again.

Chop up some  plain white soap into pieces about the size of small marshmallows.

Add soap chunks, dried allspice and one cup of oatmeal to the pot and stir. Add fragrance. Stir again.

Place two of the F&D Molds together, on a folded towel. Spray interior surfaces with a bit of water (makes the liner cling to the mold) and line with a single sheet of plastic.

Pour in mixture when about the consistency of pancake batter. Sprinkle a couple extra soap chunks on top of the mix.

Cover tops with plastic soon after pouring in mixture.

Place a couple of pieces of thin styrofoam (pictured) or cardboard on top of soap cakes and press very gently to level tops of cakes. Layer several towels over the top and sides of both molds and leave undisturbed for 2 days.

One of Two finished soap cakes.

Remove plastic liner from top and bottom of soap.
Chop Into Bars w/F&D Soap Cutter Knife

Finished Bars

Finished bar (detail)


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