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Shipping Charges

The shopping cart automatically calculates shipping for your order when ordering on-line. It will calculate the correct shipping for your order whether you are ordering 10 LBS or 500 LBS of materials, contained in one box or 10. The rates are actual, real-time shipper rates from which you can make a selection. The shipping is calculated early in the order process (and not after you've had to go to all the trouble to enter your credit card info), so feel free to enter a "trial" order and click the "calculate shipping" button to see what it will cost you. 

Occasionally, the rate calculated by the shopping cart will be incorrect, in which case we will contact you.  We reserve the right to cancel any order for which the shipping has not been correctly computed.

Shipping Options

We offer 2  options: FedEx Ground or the US Postal Service. Our preferred shipping method is FedEx Ground as it offers accurate packaging tracking and email advices. Unless you have a good reason to use the post office, we'd suggest you choose FedEx Home delivery if you have  a residential delivery address, or FedEx Ground if you have a commercial delivery address.

Through the post office you can select either parcel post (slow but inexpensive) or Priority Mail (quicker and more money). Parcel Post is notoriously erratic. Some packages to nearby locations take 2 weeks to get there, while packages travelling 3000 miles may (we said MAY) arrive in 4 days. Priority Mail is good for small packages, and much better than parcel post.

If you are ordering over 500 LBS of material, all shipped to the same commercial address, it is possible we may be able to get you a better  shipping rate than that shown in the shopping cart.

Attn: Hawaiians

One of our shipping options is the US Post Office, Parcel Post , which is about half the cost of UPS or FedEx. 5 gallon buckets go to Hawaii by USPS Parcel Post for about $43, and takes about 3 weeks.


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