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Tired of digging out and measuring those hard palm and coconut oils until you've got rotator-cuff problems? Help is here:

"The Soapmakers Assistant"

Available in both a conventional and a **new!** organic formulation.

"Love, love, love the SoapQuick! Very high quality product that allows me to focus on other areas of soap making."

- Los Gatos, CA

"We crank-out a ton of CP soap here for shops and craft shows in many different fragrances, and at holiday times it gets crazy. The SoapQuick has been such a timesaver....." - Maui, Hawaii

When you've scaled half the learning curve of soapmaking, you'll discover that 99.9% of soapmakers who are in the business of making soap, settle on a basic formula of base oils as the canvas upon which all of their soaps are created. From this base, changes in fragrance, color, dried herbs, specialty superfats and other additives, make the difference between one soap and the next. So - what we've done here is stretch a decent canvas for you. Now, you paint the picture.

SoapQuick is a professional, high-oleic blend of high-performance soapmaking ingredients pre-mixed in the proper proportions to produce a mild, long-lasting, nice & lathery bar. We've gone out of our way to formulate SoapQuick with the highest quality, durable soapmaking oils available. No more time-consuming, batch-by-batch measuring-out and melting of those hard oils along with your other ingredients, because we've done it all for you. You just scoop what you need from one bucket, add your accents and custom superfats, and you're done! Here's the full information sheet.  Here's an example soap batch and some recipes.


SoapQuick (conventional)
Reformulated w/ HO Safflower

$24.95 - One gallon (7.6 LBS)

Organic SoapQuick

$30.95 - One gallon (7.6 LBS)


SoapQuick (conventional)
Reformulated w/ HO Safflower

$94.95 - 35 LBS

Organic SoapQuick

$114.95 - 35 LBS

Product Details:
SoapQuick (conventional)
 is a mixed blend of the following components:

            Oil Type        % of Total      NaOH SAP    

           Coconut Oil              28                .183          
           EV Olive Oil                4                .134           
           Palm Oil                   28                .144           
           High Oleic Safflower  35                .135
           Castor Oil               5                    .129

    + Rosemary Extract (ROE) @ 1g per kilogram of oils
       Weighted Average SAP of mixture:   .151 (NaOH)  

Product Details:
SoapQuick w/ Organic Oils

is a blend of the following components
(all certified organic):

        Oil Type            % of Total     NaOH SAP    

Organic Coconut Oil              27        .183       
Organic EV Olive Oil               2         .134   
Organic Palm Oil                   35        .144
Organic High Oleic Sunflower
 36        .137**

 + Rosemary Extract (ROE) @ 1g per kilogram of oils.  Weighted Average SAP of mixture:   .152 (NaOH) 

Usage Notes: Mix before using. Some separation of components may occur. At 60 - 70 degrees  SoapQuick is about the consistency of pancake batter. Just mix and scoop from bucket. At lower temperatures the mixture may solidify. In this case you can either warm the bucket on a heating pad, or use a long-handled spoon to remove material from both the top and bottom of the bucket for use in a soap batch. Rosemary Extract will initially cause soap stock to turn a tan color. This tan color diminishes while the soap proceeds to trace, and is no longer present in the finished soap when unmolded.

** This special version of sunflower is composed of 85% oleic acid. It is a very tough oil and contributes to the long shelf life of soap made with it.


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