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Waxes & Butters

Natural Local Beeswax

Golden Yellow Color. This wax is what is called "capping wax" and is obtained in the un-capping process before honey is extracted from the honeycombs. Smells like honey.


3 LB Block Beeswax


This beeswax is sourced from a local beekeeper in Northern California and is a beautiful, natural golden color. We only have one size - 3 LB blocks. Mild aroma.

Natural Yellow Beeswax



Natural Beeswax

This wax has not been bleached or deodorized. Smells like a bee hive.

Golden Yellow Color


Natural Yellow Beeswax - pastilles.


Natural Yellow Beeswax Pastilles

$9 for 1 LB

$36 for 5 LB

$110 for 22 LBS
Good Deal!


Need 100 LBS or more of beeswax? Give us a call for a custom quote.



Carnauba Wax 
Grade #1
cosmetic grade / yellow

Picture Coming Soon


Carnauba is a  plant wax collected from the leaves of a Brazilian palm. It is a common ingredient in lip stick, lip balm, creams, lotions and the like. Being a very hard wax, considerably less of this wax is required to give a balm, cream, or lotion a certain firmness than with beeswax. Makes a nice lip balm. Color is similar to a golden beeswax. Low odor. This wax is the highest grade Carnauba Wax available. Lower (darker) grades are more commonly used in car polishes and industrial applications. We were surprised when we made some lip balm with Carnauba - it was nice! This is a 100% VEGAN item.

For a lip balm, try one part carnauba wax, one part shea butter and 3 - 4 parts High Oleic sunflower oil. 3 parts sunflower is a hard lip balm - but it won't melt in your pocket.

One Pound


10 Pounds



Cocoa Butter


Light yellow color, smells like chocolate.




Natural Cocoa Butter

$10.00 for 1 LB

Natural Cocoa Butter

$80.00 for 10 LBS

Cocoa Butter


A little lighter colored than "natural" cocoa butter and has almost no scent of chocolate.




Deodorized Cocoa Butter

$10.00 for 1 LB

Deodorized Cocoa Butter

$80.00 for 10 LBS


Shea Butter

five_gallon_pail.jpg (7434 bytes)


This is a creamy shea butter - creamier than what you may find elsewhere.

Shea Butter

$10.50 for 1 LB

Shea Butter

$60.00 for 7 LBS
(comes in a one-gallon pail)


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